Thank you for looking after Holly so well during her stay at Kiah Park.  Holly has said that the trail rides were her favourite, and we have noticed her horse riding abilities have improved considerably – she has had two lessons since returning home.  She is so lucky to have the opportunity to visit such an amazing place. Many thanks.
Caroline Weir
I’ve been meaning to write you for weeks now. We wanted to thank you for the time Alexis had on camp. She had such a terrific time. It was so much fun for her. She wanted to stay longer than seven days and is excited to return again some time. It was a very good experience for her, as we noticed when she returned home, she was listening to us more. So even though we missed her for the whole week, it was beneficial to her life.
Mr and Mrs Gibson
Tilda (10 years) is wildly excited to be joining you again, is that her fifth time now? I think Tilana, Nick and the crew must be doing something right!
I want to thank everyone at Kiah park for taking care of my daughters during their camp week at the beginning of December. Unfortunately for them they didn’t last the full week, but I want you to know that they came home happy with their experience and with lots of fun memories. Thank you for looking after them and for the support you gave them. Thank you also for the photo CD we received. We have had fun watching the photos together.
Happy Parent
My daughter just attended your most recent camp and had a fabulous time! She cried ALOT when we drove away. Thanks so much for showing her a wonderful time!
Eager to Come Again
Kiah Park is the highlight of my daughter’s year. Even as she travels through teenage-hood, I can see this camp is a time that nourishes her soul and her sense of self. It provides adventure and fun and helps develop independence and responsibility. We are grateful she has had the opportunity to enjoy time there.
This place is seriously amazing! Kiah Park is fabulous – whether you’ve never ridden a horse or compete regularly. The Senior’s camp was amazing. I was the youngest kid at camp, but everyone was super nice and always looked out for me. It was wonderful fun, and I seriously recommend it to all horse-crazy kids.
Hannah, 13 years
The time I spend at Kiah Park is always such well-spent time. The week is filled with amazing oppurtunities and activities that everyone thoroughly enjoys and can participate in. This is the most amazing camp that quite literally changes your life. The food is also wonderful, and the horses are well-trained. The supervisors are some amazing people who just make the camp run perfectly.
Emma, 16 years
My name is Margot and I am 14 years old. The first time I attended Kiah was in 2010 when I was only nine years old. Since then I have attended as a camp kid at least once a year. On my first day at Kiah I fell in love. I fell in love with the property, the people, the horses and the overall aroma of happiness and belonging it beheld. Of course, being a nine year old, I was still nervous and shy, but the immediate welcome and friendliness of the supervisors and helpers made me feel right at home. I am so in love with Kiah that even though I am almost too old to attend as a camp kid now, i have recently applied for the job of a Helper. Going to kiah gives children a chance to learn how to make new friends and even though you only know them for a week, it is easy to become best friends. I know personally i still catch up with friends that I met at camp. Kiah Park also teaches great riding skills. I remember being taught to rise trot by Lizzy when I was nine, now I am training my own horses. It is incredible fun and I would suggest that everyone, no matter the riding ability, should definitely attend.
Margot, 14 years
My daughters, 10 and 12 went to Kiah park for the 1st week of the winter holidays. They absolutely loved it – even though they have their own horse they really enjoyed riding and getting to know different horses. It only adds to their horsemanship confidence. Their days were well planned and action packed – they slept and ate well. Actually they loved the meals. They made friends easily and really liked the supervisors. This is the first time my kids have been to an out of school camp – however I was more relaxed about them going as we knew many other kids that have been there numerous times. Mine will definitely be going back!
My son Sam went to Kiah Park for the second week of the Spring school holidays. He came back grinning from ear to ear and said that it was “the best camp I have ever gone to!” Thank you to Kiah Park staff for taking such great care of him. He will be back!
Michelle Jackson
My name is Charlie and i am 10 years old. Kiah Park was the most amazing thing it was my first time going there and i absolutely fell in love. All of the horses were the sweetest little things and i fell in love with hurricane my horse. All of the activities were great and they had the best food i loved every bit of it. there were lots of great trail rides and all the supervises where nice. i had a lot of fun there all the other kids were nice and kind. it is not like any camp that you go on this is the best camp and every kid will love it. it is very educational and you learn a lot about horses if you have not been on a horse they will teach you how to ride properly. They take a lot of photos and put them on a disc and you get canteen time so you can have snacks throughout the day. you get fruit and salad and time to call your mum or dad. There is a gymkahna on the second last day and you get ribbons and it is a lot of fun you meet lots of people and you make a lot of friends. There are souvenirs that you can by like water bottles. I will definately be coming back. I highly recommend this to people it was the best camp ever.
Charlie, 10 years