Horse riding trails – that thought brings a beautiful picture to mind; that is, if you have ever experienced one!

Kiah Park’s trails take our kids up and down hilly countryside and across gurgling creeks. We take them under the magnificent foliage of great trees and hanging vines, to places where quiet bush animals are sometimes seen. Our horse riding trails also wander over open green pastures. These are a fun spots for our kids, because everyone gets the opportunity to practice their riding skills on clear open stretches, and some are able to make it into a canter.

Trail riding is something new riders can do, but there are also a few things to learn on the way. Here are five great horseback riding tips for trail riders.

Many and varied are the riding trails woven throughout our 300 acres of horse land. There is so much to explore. Can there be a more beautiful way to discover it all than riding on horseback with friends? Our photo gallery will give you a peak into what it’s all about.