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October 2019

Horse Riding Lessons


Preparation Tips for Beginners Who Want to Take Horse Riding Lessons

Your first time riding a horse could create a mix of different emotions. On one hand, you’re excited to build a personal bond with such a beautiful animal and on the other, you’re not sure if you’re capable enough to handle yourself with the horse. In this guide, we’ll share preparation tips to help you relax, connect with your horse, and ride more confidently.

Being Nervous For Your First Horse Riding Lessons is Normal

Being nervous is a reality, even for experienced riders. It’s important to understand that nerves are a natural part of your body’s way of helping you do your best at the task on hand.

1. Be kind to yourself

You may have a dream of being able to ride into the sunset on a beautiful stallion during your first lesson. If you’re still overcoming some nervousness, tell yourself that whatever you can do for the day is enough.

The mentors and trainers at your riding lessons will tell you the same. It may take you several riding lessons to feel confident enough to venture out of the arena and head out on horse riding trails. As long as you’re making progress and enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters.

2. Have the proper horse riding gear

Wear clothing that is stretchable and comfortable, you don’t have to buy special riding gear right away and could consider wearing jeans, tights or exercise pants for your first lesson.  Definitely no short pants, let’s face it – a horse’s hair and skin are relatively coarse, wearing shorts would be very uncomfortable.

Wearing long-sleeved shirts can protect you from sunburn as well as scratches when you go on trail rides.  If long sleeves are too hot, consider short-sleeved shirts rather than sleeveless ones.

Horse riding boots and helmets are mandatory for safer riding.

3. Work on your balance, strength, and cardio

It takes good balance to be able to ride a horse properly. If you haven’t tried yoga or pilates before, now may be the perfect time for it, right before you start your horse riding lessons.

Also, consider doing squats, lunges, and core workouts. Your inner thighs will play a big part in getting the horse to change its gait, and your core will help you stay upright on the horse.

Horse riding may look like the horse is doing all the work with minimal stress on the rider. The truth is that good horse riding has much to do with the rider’s ability to control their horse mainly using body cues. It’s a good idea to do any sort of cardio workouts such as running, swimming, and biking to prepare you for riding.

Relax and Have fun

Your first horse riding lesson will go by really quickly and you may be surprised at how much you have learnt about yourself and the horse in the short space of time. You may even find that you enjoyed it more than you thought you would and want to take it up as a lifelong hobby. Just have in mind that as fun and exciting horse riding is, it’s important to be safe. Always wear the proper gear, know the best practices, and enjoy the ride.

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November 2015

Electronics Vs Outdoor Activities


Maybe it’s sunny outside; or maybe there’s rain to dance in. Maybe the wind is strong enough to make a kite soar; or maybe there’s a soft breeze perfect for racing paper aeroplanes. To so many children, those factors are irrelevant. They are living life with only their fingers: tapping things into existence, swiping things into extinction, creating their childhood in front of a flat screen. Maybe your child’s “farmville” harvest is ready; maybe their “base” is being attacked; maybe a friend has just notified everyone that they are having pancakes for breakfast, but to some children those things are irrelevant. They are experiencing life outdoors and loving every moment of it.

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October 2015

Summer Horse Riding Fun


Who loves the smell of a shiny chestnut horse who has been basking in the sunshine of a hot summer day? Who would like to run their hands over her smooth, warm coat? Who would love to be horse riding that day, soaking up the sunshine with her? It is more than a fun experience when children can live their holidays outdoors. It’s the picture of health when they go to bed tired every evening and wake up bright-eyed and full of new energy each morning. Enjoying the vigour and beauty of the rolling countryside alongside friendly farm animals and lots of new friends is a breath of fresh air not to miss out on.

Now is a great time to get your booking in for our upcoming 7 Day Camps in the Christmas holidays, as we currently have availability in each of our scheduled camps.

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September 2015

Spring Camps Filled with Excited Campers


The spring camps are now full to capacity – full with excited campers, anticipating a week of horse riding fun these holidays! We are still taking details in case of cancellations, but if you have missed out this time, take a look at our upcoming weekend camp dates in mid October, or secure your position early in one of the summer camps.


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