School holidays are such a great time for children to learn all the wonderful things that do not fit into a classroom.

There are so many life skills children need to learn to help prepare them for being skilled and equipped adults. School holidays are a great time to place some of those opportunities right into your children’s hands. It is well observed that the hours many children used to spend outdoors is now being spent in front of flat screens. This epidemic has been described as Nature Deficit Disorder. Is it surprising that this deficit has contributed to more frequent instances of childhood depression, shorter attention and obesity? It should not be, when we realise that proactive learning is absolutely crucial for the healthy development of our school kids.

Outdoor adventures, on the other hand, offer countless life skills. We have seen this over and over at Kiah Park. One little girl decided that she quite enjoyed keeping her room clean after coming home from camp. She had discovered the joy of taking responsibility for helping clean her cabin, as well as keeping her horse’s environment tidy and fresh. We also love to see children developing in confidence. How many adults can approach a horse with confidence and know-how?

At Kiah Park Horse Riding Camp, one of the things we take pride in most is the safe and happy environment that has been created for our campers. We are convinced that this means everything in helping our campers to grow in wonderful life qualities. Research has proven that caring relationships around a child play an indispensable role in how well they are able to learn.

What wonderful things will your child be learning these school holidays?

Choose your style of adventure…