Horse riding for kids has been the joy of Kiah Park since 1978. This year we celebrate 40 amazing years of riding, fun and friendship.
We are always taken back in time when we hear from camp kids who are now sending their own kids to ride at Kiah Park…
“My best memories as a child were made there, summer and winter camps with the cousins and friends I’d made over the years. I think it’s time to send my own kids up to create their own life long memories.”
“This was the best place in the world when I was a kid. I loved it. Every young girl and boy should go there. The holiday of a lifetime.”
“I still remember my first time ever going to Kiah Park some 12 years ago. Its an absolutely magical place and seeing all the new kids come through and having the time of their lives the same as I did for many many years makes me so happy! It’s also so good to see all the horses that I remember riding still around as well! Man it makes me wish I could go back sometimes!”
“I came to a couple of your camps when I was early teens… I rode a little grey gelding the first time and Sapphire the 2nd time and always remember having a fabulous time :)”
“Hi there! I came to Kiah Park a good 25+ years ago! I’d love my daughter 10yrs to experience it too.”
 “So many memories of kiah park as a teen, I loved it!”
“My sister and I went to a number of school holiday camps over 20 years ago – the memories we created at Kiah Park… will never be forgotten.”

And forty years later, the story rides on…

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