I went to Kiah Park over the Australian autumn holidays (in my country it was spring) and it was the best!! I am only ten and I live in Hong Kong and me and my family travel to Australia lots since one, my dad is from there, two, my mum is renovating houses there and three, we are going to move there in 2018. So one day my mum was googling horse riding camps and she found Kiah Park, so we decided that in autumn/spring we would go to Australia to go on a beach holiday with my friend in Noosa and then go to Horse riding camp! So I went, the food was amazing, if I was a teacher and it was some sort of assignment I would give it an A+++++++++++++ it was soooooo good! On the first day they teach you horsemanship (how to act around horses grooming and so on) and how to ride even if you already know (so they know how advanced you are, you tell them how many times you have ridden and they will give you a test horse, mine was Demo and he was gorgeous. The next day I got assigned my horse and I got a sweet, lazy, clumsy pony, called Chris. I love him then we got told who wast to have another proper arena lesson and who was to go on the trail ride. I had another arena lesson and learnt how to trot  really well, then I had canteen, that’s where have fruit and snacks then in the afternoon I had my first trail ride, they told me I was ready my new best friend was ready too, so we went together. The staff give enough lessons until you are ready. At Kiah park we have a daily routine and sometimes it changes, you can find this out at their website if you search it up and it will be in camp information, I went on the 7-Day camp and I’m glad I went, I can tell you it is not snooty!! You just have fun!! I am coming back in winter/summer and I might even go for two weeks, I loved it!!!