It is estimated that about 400,000 Australians own horses, which means that horse owners comprise nearly 2% of the Australian population. If someone you love and care about is one of those thousands of people, then you’ll be wondering what to get them when their birthday or a special occasion comes around. Instead of going for the traditional gifts that they probably receive every year that include riding gear, horse-themed phone cases, or even clothing that shows off their love of equestrian sports, try going for something different this year.

Horse-themed modern art

This is an elegant way to allow your friend to incorporate their love of horses into their home. Adding a modern and delicate charm to any house, a horse wall decor can make a great gift for someone who wants to display their passion without going over the top. Other types of modern art, such as intriguing poster prints that come in different sizes and background colors, can add an artsy or even technical touch to a home or stable. For a younger friend who still wants to keep their decoration classy, you might try an origami decoration in the shape of a Pegasus. The glass, wood and paper combination is stylish and suitable for any home theme and makes the perfect gift for horse lovers who will enjoy something unique that nobody else will have.

Gifts that last throughout the year 

As a standard rule for anybody giving a gift, it’s often smart to look for a gift that keeps on giving, which means it’s something practical that they can use more than once, or maybe even a subscription to a magazine or regular supply of adventure-related goodies that they’ll want and love. Subscriptions are a great way to show the horse lover in your life that you care, and they can be to a wide variety of things. Equestrian Life is one of Australia’s best quality horse sports magazines, for example, along with Australian Performance Horse Magazine. A recurring monthly subscription to goodies that will serve them on their horseback riding adventures is also a great choice, as it will allow them to receive a variety of surprise gifts each month that they can keep on using throughout the year.

Derby & competition tickets 

If your friend loves horses, then they’ll most definitely love the chance to watch their favorite jockey or horse compete in person. Snag them tickets to the Australian Derby and wrap them in a gift-basket or include them as part of a scavenger hunt as the final prize. You can also search for a VIP package or try making a few calls to allow them to see behind-the-scenes at their favorite yearly competition so they can meet the horse and jockey as well as get a tour of the facilities. Booking a horse experience of some kind is bound to tickle your friend with excitement and anticipation.

Figuring out what they want 

Regardless of the gift you give, it’s important to consider what your friend would like in the first place. Someone who already has a lot of riding gear might like to receive something commemorative such as art or memorabilia. Someone who is in desperate need of new riding boots, however, will probably love the thought you put into getting them their favorite pair. Keeping your friend’s style and taste in mind will ensure that they love whatever kind of horse-themed gift you decide to get them.