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What if it the weather is not suitable for riding some days and the children don’t get their allotted amount of rides, do we get reimbursed?2018-01-23T11:21:17+10:00

We often have rain during camps. We treat it as part of the life experience and slot in as many rides as we can as long as it is safe to do so. Camp life is a wonderful experience. It is not only about horse riding but also about developing character, independence and resilience, and of course making wonderful friends and having fun.
We are unable to offer a discount if we do not get all rides in. Our Leaders are looking after the children 24/7 and always have alternative fun if it is absolutely impossible to ride out.

What is my child’s riding ability?2015-08-11T10:22:34+10:00

NEVER RIDDEN – Total beginners.  May have been on a pony lead but have never ridden independently.
BEGINNER – Little experience with horses.  This rider knows how to ask the horse to move forward, turn and stop and can mount and walk off unassisted.
NOVICE – Basic experience with horses. A novice rider is able to rise to the trot.
INTERMEDIATE – The intermediate rider has taken lessons.  Their seat is secure and they can canter.
ADVANCED – Advanced riders have several years intense riding instruction.  They have competed successfully in recognised shows and are able to ride most horses.

What if my child misbehaves at camp?2019-12-05T16:20:13+10:00

We believe that children function best in an environment which has clearly-set boundaries and guidelines to follow. These boundaries and guidelines are explained to the children at the beginning of camp during the Welcome Talk. We stress the importance of these guidelines, why they are there and what happens if they are not adhered to. For example, if you run on the concrete and fall over you will hurt yourself, or if you run around the horses you might scare them and they may kick out. This means the campers know why a particular behaviour is not acceptable and will begin to think before they act, alter their behaviour and ultimately develop self-discipline.

Children are encouraged to follow expectations through positive reinforcement and redirection and staff are required to role model ideal behaviour at all times. Staff members are instructed to be firm but fair in their redirection, encouraging children to take responsibility for their own actions and the subsequent consequences.

We have a zero tolerance on bullying, swearing and refusing to following instruction. If a child presents with these behaviours, they will be brought into a meeting to investigate the reason for their behaviour and given a reminder that this particular behaviour is not acceptable. If it is something serious Kiah Park management will immediately contact the child’s parent/carer and ask them to communicate with the child to encourage them to correct their behaviour. If we do not see an improvement in the behaviour, the child will again be called into a meeting and told that if they do not comply they will be sent home. Thereafter if there is no improvement, the child’s parent/carer will be called to pick their child up.

What is the accommodation?2015-08-11T10:23:08+10:00

The accommodation is bunkhouse style cabins and dormitory.  Boys and girls are housed separately.  We also separate the girls by age group so they are in a cabin with other girls their own age.  The leaders sleep in the cabins with the children, they are female and hold their blue cards.

Is all the riding gear my child needs supplied by you?2018-01-23T11:23:29+10:00

We supply your child’s riding helmet and riding boots are hired separately at $20 for the week.

What ages are the children who come to camp?2015-08-11T10:24:18+10:00

Camp is for girls ages 6yrs – 17yrs and boys ages 6yrs – 12yr.

What happens if my child has no riding experience?2015-08-11T10:40:51+10:00

It is not a problem if your child does not have horse riding experience.  On the day of arrival we start with arena riding ability assessments and horse allocation to suit ability. Your child will have arena lessons to start with and once they are able to control their horse and trot safely they will head out on the trails.

What are the sleeping arrangements for boys and girls?2015-08-11T10:38:13+10:00

We separate the children into three girls’ cabins (arranged by age) and one boy’s cabin. Each cabin has at least one 18yr or older staff member who holds their blue card for working with children.

Do you offer trail rides to family groups?2015-08-11T10:37:31+10:00

We are happy to arrange trail rides for a group of at least 12 people. Please phone us: 5486 6166 or email: [email protected]  to discuss your options.

Will my child be swimming at camp?2015-08-11T10:36:46+10:00

We do love a bit of a splash in the dam during hot weather, but the children do not go beyond knee-deep. All water activities are very carefully monitored, particularly children who are not confident swimmers. Sometimes we have a water-fight up near the cabins.

Can I pay the fees using EFT over the phone?2015-08-11T10:36:14+10:00

No, we don’t carry these facilities. Your payments can be made via internet transfer, cheque, money order or cash.

Can you use previous records to book my child in for another camp?2015-08-11T10:35:54+10:00

Yes, provided your records are less than one year old. We must also be notified of any changes.

How early should I make my booking?2015-08-11T10:35:28+10:00

We love early bookings! To avoid disappointment, it is best to make your booking as soon as the current school holidays are over.

I need to cancel my booking, will I receive my deposit back?2018-11-09T15:35:02+10:00
Cancellations are accepted up to 8 days prior to the camp starting date (that is on Saturday prior to the camp start date) and will incur a $50 administration fee.  Letting us know after this time and no shows do not give us time to offer the position to someone on the waiting list and the full fee is due unless you have a medical certificate, in which case you will receive a refund less a $50 administration fee.
I would like to defer my child’s booking, what happens to my camp payments?2020-03-06T11:48:18+10:00

We are happy to transfer your child’s booking and the full funds paid for their camp across to another camp date. Please note, defers should be made at least 8 days prior to the original camp start date. Defers made after this time will incur a $25 admin fee.

What is the age group and qualification of your Leaders?2018-01-23T11:24:57+10:00

Our supervising staff hold their blue cards to work with children and are experienced horse riders aged 17 years – late 20’s. We also have Helpers between the ages of 15 – 16 years assisting in the smooth operation of camp. Our head instructor together with Nick (owner) lead and oversee all activities, both are registered with Horse Safety Australia. Safety is a key focus at Kiah, and we strictly adhere to all current policies.

How do I contact my child at camp?2015-08-11T10:39:09+10:00

You are welcome to call your child on our phone 5486 6166 for a chat at dinner time, between 6.30 – 7.00pm. If you get the answering machine keep trying as it means the line is busy.

Can you cater for my child’s special diet?2020-03-16T14:52:45+10:00

Yes! We are able to cater for your child’s unique dietary requirements, including gluten free and coeliac, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, etc. Please just get in touch with us and we will work with you to cater the menu plan to your child’s specific needs. The additional cost for a 7 Day Camp is $100 and for Weekends the cost is $80.