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June 2018

Horses on Holiday


Right now the Kiah Park horses are on holiday. They are running through hilly pastures. They are admiring their reflections in the dam. They are soaking up the winter sunshine. They are getting their teeth and hooves polished and checked up. Best of all, they are munching on green grass all day. Do you know why? They have some grand adventures to get ready for and need to be in happy shape! The end of this month will bring the school holidays – the time for arena lessons, outdoor fun and lots of great trail riding. We are all getting ready and hope to see you there.

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Horse Rides – What To Pack For A Horse Riding Adventure


 KIAH PARK HORSE RIDING You ought to have a cowboy hat. You have to have leather chaps, right? Who would go horse riding without the chaps? Chaps and spurs. The spurs have to cling right you know, because you’ll just look ludicrous walking inside the bar, swinging the half-doors open when the spurs do not cling, right? Cowboy scenes and adventurous galloping always come to mind when you think of riding a horse. The riding essentials need not be solely made out of leather, and you can definitely have a galloping fun time without the spurs. Here are some really useful things to pack for your horse riding adventure.

1. Sunscreen and lip balm. Very important, commonly forgotten. You need to protect your skin from the harsh sun while riding and your lips from wind burn as you canter through the countryside.

2. Insect Repellent. Horse riding will bring you to some of the most secluded locations that are only accessible on horses. Apply insect repellent on your clothing to ward off mosquito and tick bites that may ruin your experience.

3. Long sleeved top preferably with a collar to protect your arms and neck from the sun’s rays. Comfortable jeans with smooth seams to avoid chafing most especially on the inner thigh that gets the most friction from the saddle while riding. It’s also advisable to wear lycra leggings under your jeans for added protection. Make sure you bring a spare or two of these pieces of clothing.

4. Riding boots. Contact the provider of your horse ride or an expert for the best affordable brands suitable for riding.

5. Wide brimmed hat preferably with a tie-down string to keep it secure when riding a horse.

6. Personal stash of necessary medication, first aid kit, water and in between snacks. Horse rides usually entail long trails under weather conditions that can wear you out easily. Never rely on the food and beverage provided as part of the adventure package. It is best to be prepared with some munchies if you feel like nibbling.

7. Cotton sweat absorbers or bandanas for your head.

8. Camera. Horse riding will take you to some amazing places, immortalize the experience and relive it by capturing it on film.

9. If you are planning to go on an overnight riding expedition, you may need to bring a sleeping bag. It is best to inquire from the outfitter if they provide some and even if they do, you just might prefer to use one of your own.

10. Always have a map of your the trail or route, and a compass. You never know when it may come in handy. After all, horse riding locations are not like anything you have been to before, it’s nice to be familiar with the place and have some navigational tools in case you need them.

Horse riding is a laid back relaxed activity that does not demand much equipment as compared to other outdoor activities. Most riding gear can come from your closet and be rented out from the outfitter. Apart from the basic skill and knowledge of riding a horse which will be taught to you as soon as you hit the stables, all you really need to remember to pack will be personal items essential to an outdoor activity. Pack lightly, bring only what you need to ensure that the horse will be less tired since you have not added much to its load.

Hannah McEwen is an experienced writer that is also a massive fan of horse riding. She has enjoyed the sport from the moment she learned to ride a horse through to her many horse riding adventures across Australia. Hannah McEwen thinks everyone can participate in horse riding and hopes that more people participate in the sport. If you are interested in horse riding you should find out more today and before you know it you’ll be enjoying your very own riding a horse lessons.

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May 2018

School Holiday Activities


Some activities leave us exhausted. Some leave us refreshed. Do you know what horse riding does? Children are left inspired, satisfied and happily exhausted. Horse riding is both a skill and a pleasure. It both challenges and delights. If you would love to have your child enjoying something productive and enriching in the coming school holidays, come and find out what Kiah Park is all about.

If the idea of horse riding turns on the sparkle in your child’s eyes, it may be just the right school holiday activity for them.

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Horse Camp Rainbows


What does a rainbow mean? It signifies fulfilled promises and dreams come true. We see so many rainbows at Kiah Park Horse Camp. No one here has ever found a pot of gold at the end, but our campers find so much more! Children discover the joy of tenderly caring for their horse. They dig up the golden chest of new skills. They take home treasured friendships. They find out how great it is to work as a team. Kiah Park is the place where we ride on horseback to the end of the rainbow, where childhood dreams come true.

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Horses Help Us from the Inside


How Can Horses Boost Your Mental Health?

Anyone who has ever been to a horse camp like Kiah Park in their childhood knows how healing the company of a horse can be. At camp, children develop a bond with the horses, meet new friends, and learn to make independent decisions and choices. However, many of us probably don’t realise the extent to which being with horses can give our mental health a boost, and even help us connect to our spiritual side.

Horses boost psychological health

Horses currently play a vital role in helping promote physical, occupational, and psychological growth in people with a plethora of conditions, including anxiety, depression, autism, ADD, and dementia. Horses have many similar behavioural patterns to humans, which makes it easy to build powerful bonds with them. Simply by touching, riding, or grooming a horse, people of all ages can build important skills, including communication and self-confidence.

Strength and vulnerability

The sheer size and majesty of a horse make it easy to build trust… the horse is seen as a protective force, but also a powerful one. It mirrors an individual’s own strength, as well as vulnerability. In the human-equine connection, each depends on the other and makes gains. For humans, these include a reduction in stress hormone levels, an improvement in mood, and a decrease of symptoms of anxiety and depression. In one study published in the Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, researchers found that working with horses significantly reduced levels of stress hormones in youths, as measured in their saliva.

Horses and spirituality

Spirituality has been the subject of various studies, which show that those who are spiritual enjoy greater happiness, live longer, and are better able to withstand life’s vicissitudes. Spirituality, of course, is a far wider concept than religion. It embraces a belief in some kind of greater force that connects all human beings. Studies have shown that spirituality not only enables us to find more purpose from our lives but also serves as a buffer in tough times, especially when we are part of a community. Philosophers such as Carl Jung insisted that ignoring our spiritual side instills a sense of loneliness and insignificance, especially as urban areas grow in size.

In nature, we can find powerful symbols of spirituality, such as in the beauty of a horse. When we ride through lush surrounds, it is almost impossible not to feel our mood begin to lift. Studies carried out on nature have shown that the great outdoors enables us to reach a mindful state: one in which our heart and breathing rates lower and our stress levels plummet. With the company of a horse, we can benefit from all nature has to offer while in the company of one of the most majestic animals on the planet.

The extent to which a horse can help us feel the full joy of nature, cannot be over-emphasized. There are few other activities that wield benefits such as those bestowed by the benefit of connecting with an animal that is so similar to ourselves, yet so mysterious all at once. Riding through meadows and trees, it is easy to feel that life does have profound meaning in the here and now.

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It’s Finally Here!

If we know what excited young horse riders are like, there are children with packed bags who are going to have a hard time getting to sleep tonight. Tomorrow is the day something very wonderful is starting! Who knows what it is?
When the children do finally fall asleep tonight, we know what their dreams will be about… meeting their friendly big horse for the first time, riding through valleys on horseback, cooking lunch over a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and meeting other lovely young horse-lovers who may become lifelong friends.
We can’t wait for our Weekend Horse Camp to start!
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April 2018

Start A Horse Adventure


Has your child always dreamed of riding a horse? Now is just the time to get behind the reins and give it a little “giddy-up!”

The Labour Day Long Weekend Camp is coming up just two weekends from now. This is a perfect little holiday away for brand new and young riders, as they get a wonderful opportunity to see how much they like horse riding. Bookings are still open for any school-aged children who would like to join us. We welcome your child to come and discover whether horse riding is a life-long adventure they would like to start galloping through.

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My Horse Deserves a Spa!


The Powerful Benefits of Equine Hydrotherapy

Human beings visit spas to unwind, de-stress and, sometimes, recover from injuries. Did you know that equine spas are all the rage in the horsing world? There are three crucial ingredients for this therapy: cold water, salt, and a special treadmill that keeps your horse walking in temperature-controlled water. This treatment helps specific injuries including swelling, joints, tendon and suspensory ligaments and lower limbs that are recovering from surgery.

Horses keep human beings happy and healthy in so many ways; it is only logical that we provide them with the help they need when they are recovering from surgery or an injury, and a visit to an equine spa is an ideal way to do so.

What Conditions can Equine Hydrotherapy Help With?

Case studies have shown that equine hydrotherapy can help horses heal from a number of conditions, including wounds, inflammation, tendon injuries, lymphedema, and windgall. The latter is a common problem that causes swelling in the digital tendon sheath (a fluid-filled ‘sleeve’ that covers the flexor tendons over the back of the fetlock joint).

Hydrotherapy is also used with rehabilitation after sinew and ligament injuries, treatment of sore shins, and treatment of spinal and back problems. Equine hydrotherapy can also increase muscular strength, improve heart health, and provide horses with a gentle form of exercise that does not harm their joints.

Although there have been no large-scale studies on the efficacy of equine hydrotherapy, there are numerous testimonials from veterinarians indicating the impressive reduction in recovery time when this therapy is relied upon.

What are the Precise Requirements of Equine Hydrotherapy?

In the same ways that pools for humans require a particular chemistry (i.e. the right balance between pH levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and adequate sanitizing levels), so too does equine hydrotherapy have its own scientific requirements. Equine spa solutions are usually chilled to between 35ºF and 37ºF, to lower swelling and pain and to stop enzyme degeneration of tendons after an injury.

The salt content of the solution also has to be just right; salt essentially makes the water more dense, which enhances fluid and waste dispersal. Finally, water must be aerated. Rising bubbles massage the horse’s leg the way a hot tub or circuit pool does for humans, which is very soothing for horses.

There is nothing new about relying on seawater to promote healing, but equine therapy is still relatively new. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from veterinarians and horse owners, however, indicates that this therapy is useful in reducing the period of inflammation post surgery or injury, greatly ameliorating the pain that injured horses face.

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May 2017

Kiah Park Through a Child’s Eyes

I went to Kiah Park over the Australian autumn holidays (in my country it was spring) and it was the best!! I am only ten and I live in Hong Kong and me and my family travel to Australia lots since one, my dad is from there, two, my mum is renovating houses there and three, we are going to move there in 2018. So one day my mum was googling horse riding camps and she found Kiah Park, so we decided that in autumn/spring we would go to Australia to go on a beach holiday with my friend in Noosa and then go to Horse riding camp! So I went, the food was amazing, if I was a teacher and it was some sort of assignment I would give it an A+++++++++++++ it was soooooo good! On the first day they teach you horsemanship (how to act around horses grooming and so on) and how to ride even if you already know (so they know how advanced you are, you tell them how many times you have ridden and they will give you a test horse, mine was Demo and he was gorgeous. The next day I got assigned my horse and I got a sweet, lazy, clumsy pony, called Chris. I love him then we got told who wast to have another proper arena lesson and who was to go on the trail ride. I had another arena lesson and learnt how to trot  really well, then I had canteen, that’s where have fruit and snacks then in the afternoon I had my first trail ride, they told me I was ready my new best friend was ready too, so we went together. The staff give enough lessons until you are ready. At Kiah park we have a daily routine and sometimes it changes, you can find this out at their website if you search it up and it will be in camp information, I went on the 7-Day camp and I’m glad I went, I can tell you it is not snooty!! You just have fun!! I am coming back in winter/summer and I might even go for two weeks, I loved it!!!
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January 2017

Horses for Happiness: The Benefits of a Friend with Hooves


It’s well known that physical exercise, mental stimulation, and relaxation are essential components of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Involving horses in your life is a great way to tick all these boxes.

Mind, Body, and Soul

Equestrian sports are a great combination of mental and physical challenges. Cleaning stalls and grooming your horse are tasks that are obviously physical – but don’t underestimate the tone and strength you’ll build from riding too. Even if you have mobility issues, riding can help you to stay active and flexible.

Horses are also great at building confidence, creating challenges, and building mental resilience – there’s a reason we have the saying ‘get back in the saddle’. Spending time with horses helps you to exist in the moment and encourages a mindful approach to life by reacting to the immediate environment, rather than dwelling on problems. A clear focus on your horse and their needs is a great way to disconnect after a long day at work.

Therapeutic Value

There is a growing use of horses in the complementary treatment of patients suffering from a range of diseases and mental difficulties. There are well-documented studies of equine therapy programmes helping cancer sufferers to feel more confident and in control. Children with cancers such as leukaemia who attended an equine therapy retreat in Tucson, found that after 4 days they were ‘more confident and had a more positive outlook on life’. The course also helped improve the relationship between parents and children.

Animal therapy can also help people with post-traumatic stress disorder to feel less anxious or stressed. Learning new skills and bonding with the horses helps to increase self-confidence and the ability to cope in unfamiliar situations. While these are obviously beneficial to those overcoming great personal challenges, the same principles of mindfulness and confidence apply to everyone.

Life Lessons

Horses are also great for the development of kids, promoting empathy and a sense of responsibility. The child has to learn that no matter how cold or tired they might be, the horse comes first and must be cared for. If you’re concerned how much time your child is spending in front of a screen, horses provide an engaging and active alternative. The clear progression through mastering the different paces and arena disciplines gives clear goals to aim for, and encourages pride in honest hard work; there are no short cuts in learning to ride.

Reality Check

Horse riding is often thought of as an expensive past-time, and while owning one can certainly be a big financial commitment there are other options. Talk to your local riding school, who may be able to offer a deal of cleaning stalls in exchange for lessons. This can actually be advantageous when you’re starting out – you learn a lot, try different horses, and build up a great support network of both horse and human friends.

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