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Horse Riding

Horse riding on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, close to Noosa

Looking for a terrific holiday for your horse crazy child? Kiah Park offers horse riding camps every school holidays.  The camps include full accommodation, arena lessons, horse care – grooming & tacking up, trail rides and gymkhana.  Fun night activities include night walk, talent show, camp fire with stories and marshmallow roasting, bingo and movie night.  Children stay with us for 7 nights and enjoy real outdoor fun, besides horse riding twice a day they get to feed the animals, collect chook eggs and milk the cow……. a very healthy, happy week of outdoor fun!

Camp is for children 6yrs – teens and all riding abilities are welcome

CONTACT US: (07) 5486 6166

EMAIL: info@kiahpark.com.au

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Greer and her trusty steed Prettyboy heading along Lightning Ridge during today's long ride.12th - 19th April 2014
12th - 19th April 2014
We captured Elvis in his natural habitat taking a stroll through the sea of green grass around Kiah.
Felicity and Snicka cruising past Niantis Hill on our afternoon trail just before the heavens opened with beautiful rain.12th - 19th April 2014
12th - 19th April 201410 new photos
Hi Parents, all is going well at camp! We got a great ride in on Sunday morning and then it poured down in the afternoon and we enjoyed wet weather activities indoors :) This morning we have showers on and off but the children that are keen are braving the weather.......sorry folks there is a lot of dirty washing coming home at the end of this week!!!!

7 Day Horse Riding Camps

5 - 12 April 2014
12 - 19 April 2014

20 - 28 June 2014
28 June - 5 July 2014
5 - 12 July 2014
12 - 19 July 2014

20 - 27 September 2014
27 Septembr - 4 October 2014

29 November - 6 December (Seniors)
6 - 13 December 2014
13 - 20 December 2014
27 December 2014 - 3 January 2015
3 - 10 January 2015
10 - 17 January 2015
17 - 24 January 2015

Cost:$770 Includes accommodation with adult supervision and great meals.  Children get their own horse to enjoy for the week and activities include arena lessons, trail rides twice a day, learning how to keep and care for a pony/horse, gymkhana, animal feeding, collecting chook eggs, cow milking and fun night activities.


Weekend Horse Riding Camps


6 - 9 June 2014 (Queen's Birthday Weekend)

17 - 20 October 2014 (Student Free Day long weekend) 

COST $395 Includes meals & accommodation, own horse to ride for the weekend, arena lesson, gymkhana and fun night activities.

For more information click here.


Day Horse Riding

Horse riding Day Trips are offered on Monday  and Tuesday during the school holidays. And some weekends (see dates in the attached pdf)
Suitable for children 8yrs - teens, must be able to trot and have good control of a horse

Day Cost: $100 Includes an arena lesson, trail rides, meals and heaps of fun

Time: 8.30am - 5pm (Winter)

Time: 8am - 5.30pm (Summer)


School Camps

SCHOOL CAMPS & SCHOOL DAY TRIPS: A programme can be tailored to suit your group. For more information please call (07) 5486 6166 or email  info@kiahpark.com.au

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